"Nowe kompetencje na nowe czasy" 18.09.2018

"Nowe kompetencje na nowe czasy". Związek Pracodawców Motoryzacji i Artykułów Przemysłowych, Polska Izba Motoryzacji i Katowicka SSE (koordynator Klastra SA&AM) zapraszają na Konferencję która odbędzie się w Warszawie w dniu 18 września 2018 r. Tematem...

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HR jako wsparcie kadry menedżerskiej – warsztaty SA&AM 14.09.2018

HR jako wsparcie kadry menedżerskiej – warunki efektywnej współpracy - warsztaty Klastra SA&AM w dniu 14 września 2018 roku. Oczekiwania wobec działów HR ciągle rosną - podejmowane działania mają być efektywne i celowe – mają wspierać zaangażowanie...

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Biuro Klastra przy KSSE SA
Łukasz Górecki
tel: + 48 32 251 07 36
e-mail: lgorecki@silesia-automotive.pl

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Silesia Automotive & Advanced Manufacturing
The cluster Silesia Automotive & Advanced Manufacturing was established in 2011 and covers three regions in the Southern part of Poland: Sląskie, Małopolskie and Opolskie. More than 230 companies are active in the automotive sector in this area, of which more than 70 are official cluster members. Several other companies – most of them situated on the premises of the Katowice Special Economic Zone – participate in the cluster activities on a case by case base.

Since November 2017 the cluster is coordinated by the Katowice Special Economic Zone. The cluster is run on a members’ fee base. Large companies pay an annual fee of 5,000.00 PLN, small and medium sized companies an annual fee of 2,500.00 PLN. The Katowice Special Economic Zone covers the membership fees of companies situated on its premises in the framework of the administration fee. Universities and research institutions are engaged in the cluster in the framework of the virtual Centre for Automotive Technologies. The Silesia Automotive Program Council meets three times a year to discuss the main challenges ahead and advice on priority actions to take.  

Strategic competence development
The cluster’s aim is to develop strategic competences in automotive. Global competition in this sector puts a lot of pressure on OEM’s and suppliers to deliver quality solutions at competitive prices. Continuous process and production improvement, employee productivity and motivation, new technology competences and local supplier networks are key success factors. The coordination consortium organizes best practices exchange meetings, brokerage events, thematic workshops, analyses and benchmarking surveys in two domains:
1) Human Resources and Labor Market issues
2) Innovation and Cooperation
We apply a bottom-up approach, which means that most of our activities meet the direct needs and challenges being faced by the cluster members. We bring together directors, engineers, scientists and thematic experts to discuss and solve problems and to create practical solutions.

Added value
Thanks to cooperation within the cluster, companies:
• are able to quicker verify the impact of international trends on their regional activities
• have the opportunity to benchmark their situation against overall sector indicators
• have access to thematic groups for problem solving and competence development
• can take part in challenging projects
• get acquainted with local suppliers and specialists, potential partners in new business projects
Silesia Automotive & Advanced Manufacturing creates a sound platform for competence development and a favorable climate for network building.

Considering your next automotive project in Central Europe, consider Silesia Automotive & Advanced Manufacturing
We offer a network of opportunities:
• premises of the Katowice Special Economic Zone offering favorable location conditions
• more than 230 companies in automotive being potential partners in your next project
• cooperation between companies and technical schools focusing on tailored competence development    
• technical universities in the regions: Opolskie, Śląskie and Małopolskie delivering well prepared engineers
• research teams in the Centre for Automotive Technologies, joining competences in science and engineering

For more information: Łukasz Górecki, cluster manager +48 32 251 07 36